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    Welcome to Crescent Phones

    Dying to find a service provider that won’t use the state of your credit score to deny you a phone contract? Have you been disappointed over the years every time you sought to be considered for a phone contract but ultimately got rejected? Well, while the situation might look bleak, the reality of the matter is that we’ve got you covered. At Crescent Phones, we pride ourselves in going beyond the call of duty in so far as the provision of mobile phone contracts is concerned. We are cognizant of the fact that the majority of UK individuals reeling from a poor credit score have borne the brunt of this discrimination and for this reason, we endeavour to change the landscape.

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    As a provider that has been in existence in the UK market for close to a decade, we understand the essence of having a mobile phone, the life changing aspect of approving applications within record time, and the appeal that comes with treating our customers equally. We understand where the mobile phone contracting industry coquephone.fr is coming from, share in the pain of individuals who were blatantly rejected in the past based on the state of their credit rating and constantly work towards giving our existing as well as new customers an experience they won’t forget.

    Well, if you are thinking of applying for a mobile phone contract designed for individuals with bad credit for the first time, chances are that you might have scanty information on the subject that is bad credit mobile phones. If you are that person, you need not worry as at Crescent Phones, we are not only foremost about giving bad credit individuals an opportunity of a lifetime but rather take the aspect of education seriously.

    A bad credit mobile phone, in the simplest terms, is a phone contract meant for UK individuals whose credit rating is largely on the negative side. It is more or less a phone contract deal for UK customers who seem unable to hack an ordinary phone contract because their credit status is unappealing to regular service providers. At Crescent Phones we are open to customers from all walks of life applying for a bad credit mobile phone with us. Credit checks are not mandatory or rather the results of the same do not have any effect on the decision to approve or reject an application.

    We believe that most people who have been on the receiving end of blanket rejections in the past tend to make irrational decisions whenever they encounter providers that are willing to look the other way and not stress on the state of the credit score. The result has been an increasing number of people with poor bad credit mobile phone deals not to mention the high probability to enter into a debt trap as a result of a poor financial decision. In an effort to make this a thing of the past, we have entered strategic partnerships with Money Advice where we encourage our customers to learn everything there is about prudent financial decisions and understand what will happen in the event that they make uninformed decisions as regards to different bad credit mobile phone plans.

    If you are keen on getting the best bad credit mobile phone deals or simply understand how these types of contracts work, this site is indeed quite resourceful and will furnish you with all the information you need.


    If there is something we are sensitive about, it has to be the time it takes for us to approve bad credit mobile applications. Provided that a person meets all the requirements, our objective as Crescent Phones is to approve all applications in a couple of hours. Most of the time, we do this in within a day.