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I applied for your bad credit mobile phone and got rejected. Why?

Well, at Crescent Phones, we can assure you that we rarely reject an application based on a person’s credit score. As such, if you made an application and got rejected, it could be as a result of one or the following reasons:

You are a minor or below the age of 18 years

  • You provided us with wrongful information during the application process
  • You are not a UK citizen or you didn’t furnish us with documents to prove that you are
  • I am working part time. Can I be considered for a bad credit mobile phone?

In essence, we require that an individual who applies for our bad credit mobile phones to be either in full employment, working part time or in self-employment. While there is nothing wrong with working part time, we need proof that shows your income is sufficient enough to meet monthly repayments for your bad credit mobile phone contract.

I want the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 under a bad credit mobile phone contract. Is that possible?

We understand that as humans, we want the best things in life. We want to be in possession of a state of the art car, a beautiful large home, a dream job and virtually everything in between. It therefore goes without say that wanting the latest Samsung S7 is in order. However, unfortunately, the risk on our side is huge and this explains why we require our customers in need of the latest smartphones to at least make a small deposit upfront with the sole aim of mitigating our own risks.

Can I be considered for a bad credit mobile phone considering the fact that I have defaulted in the past?

Well, bad credit mobile phones are specifically meant for individuals whose credit scores are not in order or rather have in the past defaulted or even had arrears. Bad credit mobile phones therefore, give individuals a second shot at redemption. It accords them an opportunity to right their wrongs by steadily meeting their contractual obligations and improving their credit score thereafter.

How many types or models of phones do you offer under bad credit mobile contracts?

We offer diverse mobile phones under bad credit mobile contracts. In essence, what we are trying to say is that you are free to apply for any kind of mobile phone. It doesn’t matter whether you have a strong liking for HTC phones, Motorola phones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Sony Xperia phones, or iPhones. Rest assured that we have every model you can think of.

Do you offer me an opportunity to upgrade to a better deal in the future? What is the policy?

At Crescent Phones, we believe in giving our customers a second opportunity to make things right. As such, provided that you prove to us that you are a reliable customer and promptly meet your contractual obligations, you can be assured of an upgrade. What happens is that we review accounts every few months and therefore you can rest assured that so long as your account with us is in good standing, you are always able to upgrade.

I want a bad credit mobile phone contract for a period not exceeding 12 months. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, as much as we might want to make this an option, currently our customers can only be locked in our bad credit mobile phone contracts for a period not less than 18 months. This is simply a security measure and has nothing to do with our customers. It is therefore not possible to be approved for our bad credit mobile phone for a period of 12 months.